With regards to Charles Darwin, R.I.P.


Charles Darwin, the God and creator of the of  the
Theory of Evolution, is assumed to be a jealous God.
Today, in the year of his 200th birthday and
the 150th anniversary of HIS creation,

HIS faithful and zealous disciples fiercely fight

 any trace of  thinking  independently of  Evolution,
trying to discredit it as delirious fantasies
of drug-constricted brains,
as the congenial  God and creator of Communism,
Karl Marx, put it:  "Religion is opium for the people."


Oooops...  Doesn´t this in reality mean
Evolutionists = Communists in disguise?


There exists a sound and clear and way easier explanation
for the favour this dogm labeled a "Theory" encounters

The assumed race-fellows of  Charles Darwin just
from the Christian God´s moral standards and his
exclusive privilege TO DEFINE GOOD AND BAD.


Instead of  humbly acknowledging to be
the creations of an almighty God,
who lost perfection due to an own error
and need his guidance the more,

they proudly assume to be something like 

do-it-yourself-human beings, 

who own their intelligence and talents solely to 

their own will-power, as they by chance 

developed from the offspring of mutant apes -
at least they do their best to behave like such. 


Regarding the crisis with credits and real estates,
the havoc they wreak in ecology,
all the crime and all the wars...

Could be almost true, couldn´t it? ;)


We from the Christian race KNOW to be a people
created by the almighty God
and try to do what benefits God´s name and our neighbour.

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